Who was Ibn Battuta?

This Symbol of traveling was born in those days when traveling would cost one person his whole life. But he kept traveling and moved far away from his area of origins and never gave up. This was the person named as Ibn E Battuta. He traveled when few hundred kilometers would almost take months to cover. The real name of Ibn Battuta was Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta. He was knowns as the person of Morocco. Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta was also a Muslim.

Abu Abdullah became famous when he decided to travel to far away areas. His ideas were considered as outrageous. He later traveled to all those places he dreamed of and went on different excursions. His all the travelings were recorded in one of the books called Rihla. There are few details that might amaze the readers in the book. He did many impossible things in his traveling. Survived many attacks from the Raiders but never gave up on traveling far of to different places.

He almost travels for half of his life. Some of the world best historians say that he traveled for almost thirty years. That is half of one person living in those years. Considering how difficult travel was in those days. While Ibn Battuta was traveling he made sure to cover all the Islamic places. He visited different Islamic states and region. He was interested to see how different Muslims are from one region to another region. He went to North Africa the curiosity of African Muslim culture made him travel to West Africa.

His Next stop was towards the great Southern Europe then he covered almost half of the Eastern Europe. While Ibn Battuta was traveling towards the middle east he faced most of his problem in his region. Ibn Battuta was crossing the mountains to reach India where a group of forty bandits attacked his caravan. Ibn Battuta and his caravan crew stood their grounds. They were able to hold their defensive line and bandits ran away. Ibn Battuta and his crew almost killed half of the bandits. This impressed the Mughal ruler of India when they entered into India. He welcomed them with open hands. Ibn Battuta was given post at the royal court which was something exceptional because only those were wise and old were given the post.

Ibn Battuta took his longest stay in the India. Then he decided to travel again towards the central part of the ASIA. He visited China his visit to China was short but it was enough to let him explore whole full China. Ibn Battuta has already traveled far enough that made him one of the best travelers. Finally, Ibn Battuta decided to return. He gave his account to all the scholars those were compiling his book. He took the place of the judge here in the Morocco.

Finally, all of his travelings was compiled in the book. Ibn Battuta has been known as one of the great Muslim travelers of the world.