Things you should not forget when traveling to Zug, Moroccan Sahara

Things you should not forget when traveling to Zug, Moroccan Sahara

You will be amazed to see the stunned and the unmarked sand dunes in Sahara desert. It will give you an ultimate experience and many worth seeing places that you have never visited before. You are at a place where there are no buildings and any sign of civilization. The deadly think about Sahara desert is that your own footsteps will be blown away after a few seconds. In this article, we are going to tell you about the things that you should pack before traveling to Zug, Moroccan Sahara. You will take pain when you will miss any if these items during your journey in this wilderness. Let’s have a look at these items.

Things you must bring to the Sahara Desert

These are the must have things that you should not forget before coming to Zug, Moroccan Sahara.

  • Shoes with Closed Toes

You are planning to wear sandals or bare feet in Sahara desert than don’t ever think about it. The reason is that when sand gets hot during the day then it is extremely hot temperature. You can never travel between the sand dunes without properly covering your feet. Unfortunately, there are times when the tourist gets their shoes split up. If you have proper shoes then you can easily get back to your accommodation without any harm. When the sand is cool in the morning and evening then you can walk barefooted.

  • Keep your Sunglasses with you

While traveling to Zug, this is the most important thing that you have to keep with you. Pack them in advance because you might forget them. If you have a pair of sunglasses with you then you will enjoy your camel ride. The reason behind keeping these sunglasses with you is that they will protect your eyes from the dust particles that can enter in your eyes when the wind is blowing.

  • A Light Cloth or Scarf

Once you are riding on a camel this piece of the scarf is present in every handy provided to you outside a Berber tent. There are unexpected sandstorms in the desert and if you have a scarf then you don’t have to worry about them. You can cover your face with the scarf. This can protect your head from direct sunlight. Prefer buying them from a professional weaver.

  • A Jacket and a Lip Balm

The desert is very cool in the morning and at night. It is not so that it remains hot for the whole day so it is better to keep a jacket with you. If you are coming to Zug in winter then it is necessary to pack a light jacket. Sahara has a very dry environment and this dryness can affect your lips. Most of the men keep lipsticks with them to protect their lips from peeling.

Other things that you should keep with you are water bottles and camera. Also, keep a sunscreen lotion with you. Make sure to wear full sleeves during your journey to Zug.