Has Randy Orton earned everything in the company?

randy orton

Has Randy Orton earned everything in the company from the past years as a wrestler?

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Randy Orton was born on April 1, 1980 and made his wrestling debut in year of 2000. He is professional wrestler and presently signed with the WWE. Like a very few superstars he comes from a professional wrestling family and stood as the third generation wrestler. Randy got his way in the main roster with a very dramatic way by joining the group of Evolution along with Batista, RIC flair, and triple H. he certainly gets the big push from the company and wrested so many big names like the undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Chris BENOIT john, CENA, and many more. In his early days he was very eager to fight and he always mock the big wrestler’s even he was just a rookie and want to earn everything in his career which he does. He always wanted to be the bad person and this is the reason what makes him very different from the other wrestlers. Watch Randy Orton Past Era for free on WWE Network Live 24/7.

randy orton



  • What he has accomplished in the WWE?

1) He is 12 time WWE world heavyweight champion

2) One time intercontinental champion

3) 2013 money in the bank winner

4) 2009 royal rumble winner

5) Two times WWE tag team champion with (Edge)

6) The youngest wrestler in the history of the company to win a world heavyweight championship matches and watch wrestling here.

  • What makes him apart from the other wrestlers?

Orton has a very different kind of style when it comes to wrestling. He has gone into many personas from the legend killer to the face of the company to the viper as we all know him. He has been wrestling for almost 15 years in the WWE and earned every single thing  he had desire and looks like he hasn’t got enough there is still more he needs to earn to show his potential after becoming a experienced wrester.

  • Why fans like him so much?

There are only few superstars with bad behavior that fans like the most and Randy is one of them. The way he talks on mike and entertains even with the bad attitude his fan following has just increased because he has very unique finishing move RKO and fans loves to chant it loudly. If you want more Moves of RKO than watch wrestling online on this web.

  • What about his present condition in the company?

Right now he is suffering from a shoulder injury and looks like he will be out of the action for a long time and will make his return after wrestle mania 32 PPV.